April 18, 2024

Alert new NFT scam! Cybercriminals are at it again with their continued exploits in the crypto sector. A new online game disguised as Pokemon has made inroads today by becoming the latest malware to rock the NFT world. The fake pokemon game promises Non-Fungible Tokens as rewards to users that interact with the game.

The Malware

According to AhnLab, a cybersecurity organization, the malware disguises itself as a playable card game that users can download or play online. However, according to the firm, when users click the play button, it downloads a severe remote access hack tool that lets the perpetrators control the users’ devices and leak vital information.

In addition, the downloaded file contains NetSupport RAT, which creates a folder in your local disk in the AppData folder. The malware is difficult for users to eliminate, given that it deploys malware files in the operating system’s root and the start menu.

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Once in the start menu, the malware will start on boot, making it potent and dangerous. In addition, the phishing website offers many interactions, including links to buy tokens and a marketplace where you can buy and stake NFTs based on the popular Pokemon franchise.

NetSupport RAT

NetSupport RAT is short for Remote Administration Tool. It’s a software program that allows a user to remotely control and manage a computer or network of computers. For example, IT professionals often use RATs to troubleshoot and fix technical issues on servers or workstations remotely.

However, cybercriminals can also use them to gain unauthorized computer access and steal sensitive data. For example, RATs typically infect a victim’s computer without their knowledge. Once installed, the cybercriminal can use the RAT to remotely control the victim’s computer and access any stored data.

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This data can include personal information, such as passwords and financial information, and business-sensitive data, such as intellectual property or trade secrets. In addition to stealing data, hackers can also use RATs to install other malicious software on a victim’s computer, such as viruses and trojans.

This malware can allow the cybercriminal to compromise the victim’s system further and potentially use it to launch attacks on other computers or networks.

How to Protect yourself from NetSupport RAT-based Malware

Given the absurd number of legit card games online and the popularity of Pokemon, people may have fallen victim to this malware, and it’s vital to take the essential steps to protect yourself. So, what do you do if you are suspicious of your computer’s activity?

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First of all, always ensure that you visit the official website of any download. This step helps you shield yourself from scams like the latest pokemon NFT scam. Phishing actors always look for new ways to scam people and can use very cunning methods in their endeavors, including building specific clones of official websites.

Therefore, always check the URL to ensure that you are on the correct website and avoid opening attachments in your email from unknown senders. Suppose you suspect that you have fallen victim to malicious malware.

In that case, it is important to disconnect your computer from the internet to stop the malware from relaying information back and forth. Furthermore, it is important to use an antivirus and always ensure it is up to date.

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