February 25, 2024

Metaverse in Industries: Enabling Seamless Continuity of Operations

Although the idea of a metaverse has yet to fully live up to the expectations of recent media coverage for the general public, various sectors have been incorporating both our physical and virtual realms to ensure continuity of operations amidst any circumstance. Likely, your place of work may soon follow suit.

These future-verses incorporate advanced technology as real-time data feeds from large cloud computing systems. In addition, these digital replicas enable industrial simulation, haptic-based control with gesture recognition, and much more.

As per Geoffrey Bund, an executive at Headwall, the concept of “future-verses” or Metaverse is slowly but finding its way into various industries. The Metaverse is merging our world and the metaverse worlds and keeping essential operations running seamlessly.

These future workplaces incorporate real-time data from large data clouds, digital twins for industrial simulations, haptic feedback, and more. He highlighted that skills in areas such as data analysis, simulation, and virtual reality will likely be in high demand as experience with cloud computing and haptic technology. He also mentioned that the manufacturing, logistics, and transportation sectors are already starting to use these future-verse technologies.

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The Practical Applications of XR Technology

Geoffrey Bund brings a wealth of experience from his previous role at Finland’s virtual reality headset manufacturer, Varjo Technologies. During his tenure, he was instrumental in forging deals with leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers and military training programs, further establishing the practicality of XR technology.

In addition, he believes that the shift towards working from home during the pandemic accelerates the adoption of such technology. The company’s creator, Adam Weiner, built military centers for deep sea surveillance and a United States base in South Korea at the Humphreys camp.

Further, he believed that the company could repurpose the virtual reality technology. This tech provides access to bit space and geographical awareness while keeping social distancing standards. Bund emphasizes the potential for wearables to become an integral part of future-verse work areas.

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A place where the people can function as a reception point in a network, effectively showing the advantage of the application as a variable with many data points. That is especially important in extreme environments, as Bund explains.

For example, during an unexpected situation, decision-makers such as incident directors need to quickly understand massive data from multiple sources, including surveillance drones and camera footage, feeds from satellites, and footage from firefighter helmets and cameras available.

One of Headwall’s clients faced this type of challenge, so Headwall provided a solution by building real-time three-dimensional maps that users can view. In addition, users need biometric data for each firefighter, capturing and sharing oxygen, human body temperature, and heart activity data. That allowed those executives to know the whereabouts of every firefighter and if they were in trouble and needed help.

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The future verse, or Metaverse, is a rapidly developing field that requires diverse skills to ensure seamless integration into various industries.

At Headwall, they have been tackling the challenge of incorporating large amounts of mapping and building data into virtual environments, which requires new and in-demand skills. To meet this need, Headwall is focused on hiring individuals with a background in technical gaming development and design.

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