October 2, 2022

Crypto fans can create NFTs without incurring extra gas fees.

Though non-fungible tokens remain associated with high prices, you can mint or create new NFTs for free. The process is straightforward with know-how. NFTs are among the leading blockchain technology extensions. Chainalysis data shows the non-fungible token market exceeded $41B in 2021 and remains elevated.

Since you need a blockchain to mint NFTs, creators pay gas fees to create their non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, the charges skyrocketed as the NFT boom started. This article presents more economical ways, guiding users to mint non-fungible assets for free.

Can You Create NFTs for Free?

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You can use OpenSea to mint non-fungible tokens for free. Here’s is how to go about it:

  • Connect an Ether wallet to OpenSean. It could be MetaMask or Coinbase wallet.
  • Click ‘create a collection’ on OpenSea’s page to form an OpenSea Collection.
  • Customize your OpenSea collection. Check the banner, logo, description, and name.
  • Select your preferred blockchain. You can choose the Polygon chain to mint without gas charges.
  • Click the ‘Collection’ option and ‘Add Item’ to create your non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, OpenSea requires $2 as the minimum price.

Though you can mint NFTs without charges, buyers should. During transactions, buyers should shell out the ETH gas charges to create the NFTs on a blockchain. That might deter most prospective buyers when the gas fees exceed the NFT cost.

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What’s the Cost of Minting NFTs?

Slate shows the cost of creating a non-fungible token on the ETH platform ranges between $1 and $1,000. However, the Polygon blockchain allows users to mint NFTs without charges.

The Cost of Minting NFT On OpenSea

OpenSea is among the top marketplaces for traders to navigate minting options. Moreover, it makes NFTs available and accessible to global audiences. Also, OpenSea allows users to create Solana NFTs as it supports the Solana blockchain.

The platform has a 2.5% service fee for all non-fungible token sales. Moreover, users should pay $70 – $400 to create new NFTs on the marketplaces.

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