October 2, 2022

Joining Web3 might be intimidating to many. However, G-LINK makes mobile gaming accessible while welcoming web2 gamers into web3 via interesting P2E games.

P2E Gaming’s Nascent Potential

The traditional gaming sector has lost its glory days as it became crowded. Meanwhile, blockchain gaining is a nascent industry with attractive growth potential. Gaming-associated NFTs amassed $4.8 billion in revenue in 2021 or about 20% of overall non-fungible token sales.

Meanwhile, venture capital companies invested more than $4B in blockchain gaming at that timeframe, capturing the market from traditional gaming. Moreover, analysts see the valuation standing at $268B come 2025.

Accessing Web3 Games

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G-Link is a mobile gaming network designed with newbie-friendly features. The platform will enable developers, investors, and gamers to interact, building an impressive web3 gaming community that outshines traditional gaming limits.

Newbies do not need education about web3. They only need to create accounts like in web2, making it straightforward to join Web3 and access several games within the G-Link platform.

Meanwhile, G-Link will release four mobile play-to-earn games in 2022: Kartopia (racing game), Card Master (a strategic card game), SOE Colony (kingdom-creation game), and Coin Fishing Frenzy (a fishing game).

Moreover, G-Link communicates with more than ten developers to onboard & publish more online games on the network. Online gamers can utilize G-Link to explore new games within the ever-growing gameverse.

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Gamers will use the GLINK token to navigate the G-Link gaming platform. The coin serves as a solution to overcome high gas charges and low throughput. Meanwhile, GLINK handles the interfacing with BSC and ETH blockchains, enhancing gameplay fun and interactivity.

Moreover, GLINK tokens offer the network liquidity to back interoperable in-game asset trading. Gamers can use the Gswap functionality to exchange in-game assets and transact assets securely. Generally, Gswap allows players to jump from one game to the other while retaining their efforts and earnings.

G-Link has a GameFi incubator to support smaller developers build their favorite blockchain games. The incubator offers funds from G-Link’s allocated innovation funds and community crowdfunding. Moreover, the incubator allows gamers to create their preferred games, whereas investors can back various projects.

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