February 25, 2024

In July 2022, Yuga Labs – the developer of Bore Ape Yacht Club – started a collaboration with Improbable (known as a United Kingdom-based firm specified for constructing a virtual world network). The partnership was focused on developing ‘Otherside,’ the Metaverse project of Yuga Labs.

Improbable Executives Say Metaverse-Based Pieces of Land Are Mostly Mispriced

Recently, Rob Whitehead (the chief product officer) and Herman Narula (the chief executive officer) of Improbable appeared in an interview. They provided their opinion regarding the role played on the behalf of the Metaverse sector in offering more value. They also elaborated on the significance of the wholly unique experiences’ development in achieving success.

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As per Narula, there is a requirement for having an authentic engagement and that is the only way through which the value of the Metaverse-related products could be retained.

He added that discussing the price of the things like a piece of land, an avatar skin, or a digital asset does not have any importance in the case if no underlying usage of such products is available.

In his words, no value can be retained by such products if people are just holding them for fun without any consistent engagement and usage. Narula is of the view that, rather than simply attempting to reconstruct the real world in a digital form, there is a need for the Metaverse-related experiences to have a new look.

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Executives Propose Inclusion of Exclusive Things in the Metaverse World

Adding to this, he presented the instance of computer games that cannot be run on a mobile, saying that – in the same vein – the Metaverse experiences should have some unique stuff to have a new identity.

Whitehead mentioned that the constraints of the real world are being applied to the digital world whereas the virtual world should be another realm that is completely different from the physical one.

The major subjects of the executives’ discussion were the causes at the back of the renovation of the digital land by the market, the additional significance of crypto over the Metaverse instead of virtual reality, as well as the psychology working behind the establishment of engaging experiences.

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The partnership between Improbable and Yuga Labs would potentially see several million dollars in the future, even though the launch of Otherside has not yet taken place.

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