February 25, 2024

A collaboration has been carried out between Meta Platform as well as Microsoft (a giant in the tech world) to offer several products related to Microsoft Office 365 in the virtual reality (VR) venue of Meta while targeting to allure the firms into operating in a virtual atmosphere.

Meta and Microsoft Partner up to Take Office 365 Applications to the World of Metaverse

During the Connect 2022 keynote of Meta, Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) stated that Teams (a video calling application of the tech platform) would have an integration with “Quest” as well as “Quest Pro” (the VR headsets of Meta that permit the consumers to form a gathering virtually just like a boardroom).

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Frequently utilized productivity applications of Microsoft like SharePoint, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word will additionally be offered via the VR of Meta. As disclosed by Nadella, in the future, some other facilities will also be provided such as the capability to utilize the headsets of Meta for streaming Windows Cloud-based computers.

The enterprise-level identity management and mobile device-related apps will have compatibility with the Quest Pro and Quest headsets of Meta, in the words of Nadella. According to the executive, this would permit the entities to secure as well as manage VR headsets in the corporate networks thereof just like phones or computers.

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Executives Hope to Grasp Companies’ and Consumers’ Attention

Meta is optimistic that the Quest Pro headset thereof, which comprises several unique facilities, will grasp the attention of the customers in the case of a virtual workday.  The firm asserted that the latest equipment is additionally comfortable and offers enhanced clarity and performance with greater resolution as compared with the platform’s existing headset.

Apart from that, it is considered that additionally intuitive feedback is provided on the hand controls of the Quest Pro along with the tracking of real-time expressions. In this, the virtual avatar of the consumer mimics the person’s facial expressions taking into account winks and smiles.

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Nadella, while expressing his view, revealed that a rare chance has played a significant role in taking people from physical to digital interactive environments.

As per him, now – with the developments in Microsoft Teams – a unique meeting experience would be offered via Meta Quest, offering people diverse ways to communicate. Mark Zuckerberg (the CEO of Meta) was of the view that the venue intends to give an environment where everyone would feel to be physically present on the spot.

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