February 25, 2024

I love NFTs, no matter how weird they get. I have always taken a keen interest to try and understand the artist. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the new game of thrones NFT collection. The collection that its creators dub “Build Your Realm” has made me reconsider my policy.

The collection that sold out in less than seven hours was the weirdest display of art I have ever seen. Unlike the show, the characters in this collection look deformed and lifeless.

Many users online are not holding back, with many people comparing the fingers of the art to salads, and that is putting it mildly. The NFT collection has a floor price of 0.07 eth, and each of the individual boxes comes with a few perks, such as story cards and extra resources.

Debut of Collection

In November 2022, after the last episode of the “House of the Dragon,” the collectors announced that the NFT collection would drop in late November. However, Warner Bros Discovery, the collection owners, changed the date to debut in January.

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The first disappointment to enthusiasts. This huddle was the first of many disappointments with the collection not living up to expectations causing different reactions from the buyers and the internet at large.

The Collection

The price of the collection dropped significantly from minting. When minting, the price was 0.11 ETH or $150. This price drop is an indication of the quality of the collection. According to the collection’s creators, DAZ 3D, the collection combines efforts from different independent artists worldwide.

The company says that the artists have been working on the project for months and that the artists would fix the weird finger avatars quickly. However, Internet users have been venting for hours about the lack of care in creating the collection and say there was a lack of quality control.

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According to one Discord user, investors should avoid the collection because it lacks the passion it needs, and the creators want a quick buck. Other users complain that DAZ 3D did not deliver what they promised the fans.

They are disgruntled because they believe that the collection has a low resale ability and that DAZ 3D needs to work more to ensure it is valuable. Moreover, more people are complaining about delayed minting, which was responsible for the drop in floor price.

Examples of Other Disappointing NFT Collections

Over the years, many projects have been promising collectibles that would reign supreme, only for enthusiasts and investors to end up disappointed. Some of these collections are big company collections and could be better.

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Here are some of the most striking examples.

  • The “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” collection by Beeple sold for a record-breaking $69 million at its auction but was criticized for being overhyped and lacking artistic merit.
  • The “Nyan Cat” collection was created without the consent of the original artist and was heavily criticized for being a low-quality and unoriginal rip-off.
  • The “The Fyre Festival” collection, which Fyre Media created to profit off the infamy of the failed music festival, was met with backlash for being in poor taste and exploitative.
  • The “The Art of Satoshi” collection, which featured artworks inspired by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was criticized for being a way to monetize the anonymity of Satoshi. In addition, users criticized the collection for being purely for monetary gain without an artistic side.

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