February 25, 2024

Fresh Innovation

An Ethereum-centered inter-wallet messaging feature has been launched by Etherscan, a popular analytics, and blockchain platform. Called Blockscan Chat, the messaging feature is designed for Ethereum users to be able to send instant chats to each other in real-time.

The Blockscan Chat service is presently in its Beta version, apart from enabling wallet owners on Etherscan to send inter wallet instant messages, users can also open their chats on many devices at a time, they get a notification for new messages via the block explorer, and they can block spam messages at will.

Good as the new messaging is, as it enables anonymous users to communicate with each other in the process of negotiating their purchases, it is also professionally useful for ethical hackers who usually leave encoded messages in transactions that involve Ethereum to establish communication with other users for security purposes.

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PolyNetwork had a $610 million worth of crypto hack issue last year. And just last week, Multichain had an acclaimed ethical hacker refund 322 Eth to the platform from a hacker’s attack, although he charged a huge finder’s fee. Both events were a result of anonymous discussions through Ethereum deals between hackers and the victims.

Etherscan announced the new messaging feature subtly through a Twitter post on January 26 saying “Wonder what this is for…? 👀”. 

Unplanned Possible Use

Aside from negotiating business deals and trying to reach a middle ground with hackers, the inter wallet messaging feature on Etherscan will also be useful in the NFT space.

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A Twitter user, @bdmartino, stated the case that the messaging feature may be used to negotiate NFT deals between creators and collectors. He also stated that if NFT transactions were carried out by decentralized exchanges, then the parties involved could be encouraged to reduce the charges attached to popular NFT platforms like Foundation and OpenSea. 

With regards to the privacy of users and the protection as well as storage of their data, Blockscan stated that the information in its custody is stored through hosting providers who are global and have their servers spread across different regions of the world. They said further that inactive accounts and data will be deleted after twenty-four consecutive months of inactivity.

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Blockscan mentioned again that users’ information with them is not going to be sold to third parties, but only to partners of theirs like IT service companies and data storage houses. 

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