April 18, 2024
  • The tech giant wants a 30% cut on fees.
  • Apple lacks the infrastructure to receive blockchain transactions cut.

Coinbase becomes the latest victim of the stiffer payment rules of Apple. That has forced the leading cryptocurrency platform to suspend NFTs transfers from iOS Wallet App.

Thursday’s tweet saw Coinbase confirming that the tech giant blocked its app release until the cryptocurrency exchange deactivated the feature. Meanwhile, the iPhone manufacturer wants 30% of the fees related will NFT transfer via in-app purchases.

Apple claims that users should pay gas fees related to sending NFTs via its in-app purchase procedure, allowing them to collect 30 percent of the gas. That’s according to Coinbase’s tweet. That matches Apple’s existing protocol of receiving a massive cut in all in-app buys.

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Meanwhile, Apple lacks the system to collect such payments as gas fees are payable on the blockchain. The tech giant can only accept fiat payments. Coinbase stated that Apple’s move is impossible for anyone that knows how blockchains and NFTs work.

The exchange could not comply as Apple’s in-app purchase infrastructure doesn’t support cryptocurrencies. It added that the move resembles Apple’s attempt to ensure tax for emails sent through the open Internet.

Surprisingly, neither exchange Coinbase nor individuals involved in these NFT transactions receive gas fees. The charges fluctuate, and decentralized network miners receive them as rewards following transaction validation. Apple is yet to reveal how its system can collect a tax from these transactions and the associated policy.

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Apple’s NTF Policy

Apps can utilize in-app purchases to buy and sell services associated with NFTs, including listing, transferring, and minting. Moreover, users can use the apps to view their NFTs, as long as the NFT ownership doesn’t unlock functionalities and features within the application.

Also, users can browse NFTs that others own, provided the apps do not include calls to action that send customers to buying mechanisms, including external links and buttons. That’s according to Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Coinbase explained that the attempt to take tax from blockchain transfers is like planning to take cuts on changes for each email sent over the Internet. The trading platform added that Apple introduced new protocols to safeguard their profits at the cost of developer innovation and NFT investment across the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Apple held over 17% of the smartphone market. Moreover, iPhone prices show that most users boast an upside socio-economic trajectory. Meanwhile, the technology giant controls its entire iPhone ecosystem.

It doesn’t allow third-party downloads and only accepts apps from its App Store. Leading tech companies, including Fortnite maker Epic Games and Spotify, trust Apple to exhibit a monopoly policy.

Stay tuned for the latest technological updates.

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