February 25, 2024

A hacktivist group named Belarusian Cyber Partisans recently tried to trade a non-fungible token (NFT) allegedly comprising the information from the passport of Alexander Lukashenko (the president of Belarus). According to Belarusian Cyber Partisans, the respective step is included in a fundraising movement to confront the Moscow and Minsk-based bloody regimes.

A Belarusian Hacker Group Attempts Selling an NFT Having President’s Supposed Passport’s Info

The participants assert to have illegally entered a government database containing every Belarusian resident’s information, permitting them to release a collection of NFTs under the title ‘Belarusian Passports,’ taking into account the digital passport on which the actual information of Lukashenko is mentioned.

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A few observers have alleged that the respective information is not original, because of a typographical error in the words “Aleksandr” and “Republic”. The hackers stated on Twitter that they tried to trade that NFT series on 30th August (the birthday of Lukashenko) through the NFT marketplace of OpenSea. Nonetheless, they added, the respective sale was suddenly terminated and they are pursuing some other options.

A spokesperson from OpenSea claimed that the venue’s rules were broken by the project dealing with the doxxing as well as disclosing the identity-related information of a person to others without seeking consent. It was also highlighted by the Belarusian Cyber Partisans that they are endeavoring to trade the NFTs with the passport information of several other officials of the government having a close linkage with Lukashenko.

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Lukashenko is known as a very controversial personality. He has been controlling Belarus since the creation of the country’s president’s office in 1994 after being separated from the Soviet Union in 1991. The president has been labeled as having rigged the elections and arresting as well as persecuting protesters according to the Organize Crime and Corruption Reporting Project as well as other such sources.

‘The Belarusian Partisans’ Raises Crypto Funds to Confront Lukashenko Regime

In the words of the hacktivists, they strongly oppose what they consider to be an immoral regime under the leadership of Lukashenko (the person who has additionally annoyed the group by backing Russian attacks on Ukraine. The Belarusian Cyber Partisans, in February 2022, released a wider fundraising movement targeting to eventually seize the power from the president through the group’s self-defense forces.

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In that campaign, donations in Bitcoin (BTC), as well as the other crypto assets, are accepted. They noted that the final aim thereof is to remove the dictatorial regime of president Lukashenko to free the people of the country from the oppressive order.

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