April 18, 2024

Officials of a South Korean city named Seongnam have declared a strategy to make a Metaverse-based digital recreation of the town and let the residents access the municipal information as well as the services with the utilization of non-fungible token-based identification.

Seongnam City’s Authorities Plan to Recreate It in Metaverse

The plan points toward increasing projects across the country targeted at turning South Korea into a worldwide Metaverse and Web3 hub. Formerly this month, the authorities of South Korea declared that as included in the strategy they would release a Metaverse Industry Promotion Law, and assist advance the market.

On Wednesday, Seongnam’s officials presented the strategy to digitally recreate the city with the project named “Metaverse Special City Seongnam”. This initiative is planned to accomplish in the initial half of the coming year. The operations on the respective project of the metaverse municipality will be started shortly and the construction will begin in the coming month.

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A chief aspect of the proposal points out that the residents will be permitted to reach as well as utilize the main information and services through NFT citizenship. The management has not provided complete detail regarding this factor of the respective proposal. Nonetheless, they are expected to give further insights in advance of the launch of the project in the virtual world of the Metaverse sector.

The city of Seongnam consists of up to 1M people and is considered to be a significant part of Seoul (the capital of South Korea). The initiative to build a counterpart in Metaverse signifies that the city does not want to be left behind in the case of tech innovation. Only a few weeks back, the confirmation was by the Seoul authorities that they would introduce the earliest phase of the city’s metaverse plan.

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Although it seems that the project is of considerable scope and length, it will commence more self-effacingly with Seoul Plaza and Seoul City Hall’s virtual reconstructions. As per the expectations, the plan will go live in November 2022.

South Korean Resident Uses Virtual Environments to Victimize Children

While there are a lot of business opportunities offered in the South Korean jurisdiction, there are some risks involved with this plan. Exclusive ventures always come with unique criminal hazards. Just some days ago, a South Korean citizen reportedly utilized virtual environments to contact as well as groom children. The name of that person was not disclosed however he has been sentenced to imprisonment of 4 years.

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