September 26, 2023

Popular America’s social news aggregator, Reddit, have in a recent news made public that they would be conducting internal test to verify NFT user profile image as this was made known by one of the Company’s advocate Tim Rathschmidt, stating that it’s active user database is now up to about 430 million monthly subscribers

The disclosure of the new features on Reddit platform was made just after Twitter had a press about the release of the NFT Verification system on their app. Reddit’s advocate stated further that the company is always on the edge of bringing new and innovative systems to improve the user experience, give additional value to its userbase. He mentioned that the verification process to install the system is just a small in-house experiment that has not yet been solidified enough to launch it to the public.

The feature is really a commendable effort as it will surely give the Users the ability to attach pictures that have gone through a verification process and authenticated as the owners or bought by the user to avoid security breach of the users profile.

Although before Rathschmidt came public to make the announcement, A certain application developer going by his twitter name Nima Owji feeling pumped with the underground work on the software made to his handle that “ Reddit is working on #NFT profile pics as well”

Will Reddit Incorporate Its Own Token?

Over the few years of Reddit’s existence, the company has no doubt been a breeding ground sort for cryptocurrencies and Non fungible Tokens with custom built features and web pages such as ( and its auxiliary sub-brand including  r/cryptocurrency, r/amcstock, and r/bitcoin which is aimed at brimming engaging cryptocurrency topics.

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Last year, the company applied for an IPO, the initial public hearing raised concerns and side talks if the company will be more actively involved in the incorporation and reinforcement of cryptocurrencies while some have been wondering if Reddit will be releasing its authorized crypto assets.

Most worthy of note, is the fact that Reddit’s investment round before its application to the initial public offering brought forward by Fidelity Investment being one of the leaders in their market space, and having a good cryptocurrency portfolio, assets as well trading proficiency will actually give Reddit a good chance.

Having a positive upper ward trajectory in the user counts and the overall social engagement, hopefully,  in the coming days we see some groundbreaking, new innovations and market dominance for the platform.

The profile picture verification will ensure  Identification of the user, The measure is needed to also curb imposters and security breaches as anyone can take screenshots and lay claim to it without proper owner’s authentication and this will be a good way to protect the company’s shareholders interest.

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