March 26, 2023

NFTs are still being utilized for humanitarian purposes, the most recent example being from the famous South Africa. A digitized compilation of Mandela’s initial warrant of arrest from more than 50 years ago was auctioned for over $130,000 to help finance the establishment of a cultural park.

NFT Mandela Bought For $130,000

Nelson Mandela, a well renowned human rights activist, was a member of the ANC political party before becoming the first black President of South Africa. He rose to become the president of the youth division of Johannesburg and eventually deputy president of the nation.

The party’s stated objective was to combat white dominance and segregation of races. Nelson did, however, assist in organizing a paramilitary wing of his political party to take part in warfare after the 1960 slaughter of black marchers.

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He was detained for treachery in 1961 and then freed but was then arrested once more in 1962 after fleeing the state without permission and encouraging employees to protest. He endured the following three decades in jail until being freed on the 11th of February, 1990.

Presently, his legacy lives on in a digital form. According to Bloomberg, his first arrest warrant was auctioned for about 1.9 million rands (which is approximately $130k) to assist in building a cultural monument depicting the country’s battle for democracy.

The revenue will be distributed to the Liliiesleaf Museum Heritage Park, which has also kept the actual document from 2004 till date. The sale took place on Momint, an NFT market. The CEO of the market said that the proceeds would assist “museum locations to remain viable.”

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“The museum has been severely harmed by the absence of tourists since the emergence of the COVID. Thus, this donation is a means of reviving their cash flow and preserving history.” – he continued.

Ukraine’s NFTs

Whenever it pertains to freedom-fighting, humanitarian fundraising, and NFTs, talking about Ukraine’s recent efforts in the crypto community is necessary. 

After the country was attacked by Russia’s military force, it resorted to unconventional fundraising methods during a special operation, which has brought approximately $100M in cryptocurrency contributions.

Recently, the nation’s officials decided to portray the continuing conflict in the country via the use of NFTs. They established a digital art museum dedicated to the war’s most noteworthy incidents, with the goal of making it a location to commemorate “Ukraine’s identity and independence.” The digital museum will receive contributions to assist residents through these trying times.

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