December 1, 2023

Tech billionaire Elon Musk, brought his keen sense of humor to the McDonalds table, spiking an unknown coin massively. In a recent post on Twitter, Elon Musk, the founder of the popular car manufacturing company Tesla, said that he would gladly eat a meal on Tv should the famous food brand McDonald’s begin to receive Dogecoin as a medium of payment.

McDonald’s reverted as they have always been keen on customer relationships. Management said on their Twitter handle jokingly that they would be willing to accept Dogecoin as a means of payment if Tesla accepts some uncommon coin, namely Grimace Coin, as payment for their automobiles. The short confabulation between the billion dollar brands had a catalytic effect on the Grimace coin, pumping it by 6000% in just about.

The influence Elon Musk pulled on the Coin was a great one. Elon has undoubtedly proven that being an influencer wields great power to turn ordinary everyday products, prices, and systems to global relevance and acceptability. The sudden rise of the Grimace coin came just right after he had also made a statement over a typical everyday grape, thereby skyrocketing the value of the Grape Token.

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Though other food brands like Burger king also commented saying “only a king knows what the coin can do,” McDonald’s direct response mentioned the Coin gave the Coin a great chance to thrive. The bid to bring their brand to the light of Elon Musk’s comment only shows the brand was involved in the convo, but the light did shine brighter when the official Twitter handle of Dogecoin displayed a Meme of the crypto having an excellent graphical representation with the food brand.

Grimace Coin Resurrects as Elon Musk Tweets

The said Coin was previously non-existent as nobody really knew about the Coin till Elon brought it to the limelight through McDonald’s ability to turn every hateful or compliment into a humor piece through its highly trained PR team. The Coin was immediately built on the Binance Smart Chain, just as McDonald corresponded that Tesla would have to create a meme crypto coin and accept it as a medium of payment for its automobiles, giving its value and price an incredible Jump to 6000%.

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It’s also confirmed that the Grimace Coin has no market value or relationship with McDonald’s, and the creator’s identity remains Hidden till now and has been labeled as a fraud star. The Coin has also generated high-level taxation due to its current market value; this has left many skeptical about having anything to do with the Coin.

 The McDonald’s Global brand Power is phenomenal, especially with the ability to influence the price action of cryptocurrencies that attach a particular meme to the brand. Many Crypto Traders and Experts have then been playfully seeking the avenue to leverage the brand to grow their asset value. Posting Meme related to the food brand as some even offered to become the company’s staff. Lol

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As the recent market crash leaves these crypto experts sad at the turn out of the market that brought down many alternate coins, the food brand also reached out on their Twitter handle, asking how the crypto account owners and traders are faring this bearish season.

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