December 1, 2023
  • Trump’s NFTs witnessed a resurgence, with enormous volumes gaining over 800%.
  • The uptick in trading volumes led to surges in trading card prices, up to approximately 100%.
  • Experts believe Trump’s reinstatement on Facebook and Twitter contributed to the increments.

The NFTs, which depict Donald Trump (former United States President) as a cowboy and superhero, has recorded a bumpy ride within the marketplace since its 15 December launch. However, Trump’s virtual trading cards showcase rebounds after multiple weeks of slumping prices and deteriorated trading.

The NFTs daily sales increased by 800% after volumes increased to $306,000 from $34,000 last week. CryptoSlam’s data indicates soaring figures, with another sale worth $241,000 within 20 hours. As the number of traded NFTs surges, the price leaps.

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CryptoSlam reported 115 Trump non-fungible token trades yesterday at $296 worth of ETH as the average price versus 704 non-fungible token traders within a day at a $490 average price. Trump introduced his NFTs of 45K virtual trading cards mined on Polygon on 15 December.

The cards depicted the former president as a superhero, cowboy, and astronaut. They were worth $99 during the initial release – each emerging with unique perks, including meeting and dining with Donald Trump.

Despite various criticisms, the NFT cards sold within days before registering low volumes and slumping prices. The former United States commander in Chief said he released the non-fungible tokens collection since they appeared “super cute,” and he liked digital art.

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Trump Back of Facebook and Twitter

While the reasons behind Trump’s NFT resurgence might not be solid, most experts trust the updates of his potential return to Twitter and Facebook catalyzed the upticks. NBC News revealed that Trump’s team petitioned Facebook after reviewing new documents.

Twitter recently reversed Trump’s ban after the new executive Elon Musk conducted a poll, though the former U.S. president has yet to return to the social media platform. Remember, re-appearance on leading sites such as Facebook and Twitter will be a massive move for Trump trading card holders.

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