February 25, 2024

The Sirens non-fungible tokens is a female-based project designed to challenge the facts that women account for around 5% of NFTs sales. The renowned influencer Alexis Ren leads the project.

Ren is an online celebrity known for advocating for women’s empowerment, environment, and mental wellness. Moreover, her previous web3 involvement entangled with the topics.

Forbes revealed Ren as STAGE co-creator. It’s a tech platform where she hosts WAW (We Are Warriors). STAGE focuses on mental well-being & online fitness. Moreover, it presents events and courses related to home workouts.

Meanwhile, the Siren NFT plans to take the move further. Ren targets NFTs with real-line, eco-friendly use cases.

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The community members will access the non-fungible token gated STAGE and enjoy a private events calendar with monthly breathwork classes, yoga classes, meditations, plus other curative modalities.

Also, the community can access cryptocurrency 101 courses that highlight the space via videos, tutorials, and training about Web3 fundamentals. Moreover, Sirens plan to introduce an eco-friendly settlement for the members.

NFTs and Eco-friendly topics do not go along well these days. Meanwhile, the Sirens team plans to create a wellness haven in Texas. The retreat would include 100% sustainable houses for the community, built with local materials and off the grid.

That’s an attractive approach showing how NFT developers wake to real-life utilities. It allows holders to justify NFT purchases with exclusive experiences.

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Women-Empowerment and NFTs

Returns generated from Sirens NFTs minting should go to businesses that community members propose and elect. Leaders plan to guide the community members with various resources and improve the business beyond ‘money investment.’

Nevertheless, some facets of Sirens might not satisfy everyone. First and foremost, the NFTs lack much diversity in the portrayed videos. Also, their wellness objective appears ‘traditionally fitness’ despite including mental health as a subject of focus. That means it will hardly cater to the entire community.

Some experts criticize that projects focusing on women’s empowerment should house everything to support all females. Moreover, mental health should be more than somewhat visiting the gym. Though this does not mean WAW or Sirens is discriminatory, but critical to wonder whether the projects have something for women who aren’t social media influencers.

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