April 18, 2024

Popular online virtual gaming platform TCG World recently announced a new partnership with Curzio Research Inc. Curzo Research Inc. had purchased 19 real estate properties in the TCG World Metaverse for a whopping $5 million.

The virtual lands are commercial real estate plots previously owned by TCG World. Moreover, the acquisition is seen as one of the biggest virtual property purchases in the Metaverse. For its part, Curzio Research is looking to build its head office in the Asian zone of the TCG World.

The new proposed headquarters allows Curzio VIP members to interact with other investors and attend events. Members can also participate in virtual conferences and build an investment community using the space.

Introducing Curzio Research Inc.

Curzio Research Inc. is a financial publishing firm specializing in independent research and analysis in the financial sector. The firm will lead the capital raise of $4 million to fund the TCG World real estate acquisition.

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Some of the funds’ purposes are expected to cover acquisitions, capital expenditures, infrastructure, and others.

According to the founder of Curzio Research, Frank Curzio, the Metaverse is an extension of the internet. It is a decentralized place without permission for individuals to express themselves and create their unique content.

The founder further added that TCG World has all that Curzio Research needs in its journey to the Metaverse. All the elements necessary for creating a truly immersive Metaverse experience are there.

Another interesting thing about TCG World’s virtual space is its low fee. The low cost is the incentive developers need for accelerated innovations. Curzio Research is glad to be part of the growth model of TCG, added Frank Curzio.

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Furthermore, the Curzio Research head office is scheduled to be completed before the official launch of the TCG World. That is, the launch can happen on or before September 2022.

What is TCG World?

TCG World is a virtual open-world gaming platform where gamers can earn TCG tokens known as Coin2.0. Players can also develop their own virtual experiences, own virtual assets, collect NFT items and have fun.

Meanwhile, TCG World has introduced another NFT experience to make it more than an art. Players can now move their NFT collectibles to the gaming world and engage with others. Every asset owned by a player is a non-fungible token (NFT).

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Moreover, TCG World is currently one of the biggest open Metaverse projects globally. It is still at the developmental stage on the blockchain and has released Alpha access to some selected users and investors.

All items in the TCG World are owned as NFTs; these include plots of land, pets, cars, real estate, and player avatars.

The platform plans to co-host a 3-day virtual event dubbed “The Metaverse Expo 2022.” The upcoming event will occur at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 8–10.

About 6000 visitors worldwide are expected to attend with topics of discussion focused on blockchain and the likes.

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