February 25, 2024

The GameFi sector, which provides a merger of both decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as gaming, allures numerous investors that are inclined toward selecting projects according to the use cases instead of their potential of generating money. The ecosystem of GameFi grasps the attention of gaming enthusiasts and GenZ investors. Consequently, it occupies the position of being the entry gate for several investors who are experiencing this sector for the first time.

A New Survey Says GameFi Investors Prefer Fun Factor Rather than Money

A survey was organized by ChainPlay in which there were up to 2428 investors in the GameFi market. The respective survey disclosed that nearly seventy-five percent of those respondents became a part of the crypto world just because of GameFi. On the other hand, the investors’ half initially turned toward the respective sector to have profits. The survey also highlighted that the weak design of the in-game economy was among the chief causes behind their losses.

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In line with such a sentiment, it brought to the front that during the current year the investors across the globe spent a time of approximately 2.5 hours daily while taking part in the world of GameFi – the sector which has presently dropped by forty-three percent as compared with the previous year.

The fear dealing with Ponzi schemes as well as rug pulls simultaneous to the sub-par graphics count as a few of the prominent driving forces placing a barrier in front of the investments to be made in the unique projects related to GameFi. That is why forty-four percent of the investors are of the view that the GameFi sector can potentially grow if the conventional gaming firms become a part of this ecosystem as a significant role may be played by them.

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Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming to Offer More Progressive Opportunities

Furthermore – in the terms of the GameFi projects’ future – eighty-one percent of the investors in the GameFi space are not much satisfied and eventually leave the conventional attitude behind. They are now preferring the fun factor rather than generating the gains as they are moving deep into the in-game experiences.

Apart from that, the Metaverse and Blockchain were considered to be the least influenced ecosystems after the massive Terra (LUNA) collapse, as confirmed by a report from DappRader. In addition to this, a maintained organizational investment was witnessed in both the Metaverse as well as blockchain gaming, indicating that several top firms witness the likelihood of resilient economic progress in these sectors.

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