February 25, 2024

Venmo and Paypal, two popular payment solution companies, have revealed major improvements to their cryptocurrency offers. Both companies have started offering users an option to pay using cryptocurrency last year and have seen a great deal of success. It had implemented a number of methods for charging for bitcoin transfers, including a service fee and a percentage share. Both payment platforms are now altering their charging methods.

PayPal Is Hiking Its Service charge

PayPal and Venmo previously charged users for crypto exchanges depending on the quantity they were transacting. It was a flat price for purchases under $25, with each transaction costing a minimal amount of $0.50. Both merchant accounts took a 10% commission out of each trade that was more than $25. In addition, a 2% percentage fee was applied to quantities between $100.01 and $200.

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Payment systems are modifying the way they bill for larger transactions as a result of recent reforms. According to the company’s release, all crypto trades higher than or equal to $200 will be charged a fixed cost starting March 21st.

With no exclusions, transactions from $1 to $4.99 will now be billed $0.49 each. Transactions between $5 and $24.99 will now be charged a $0.99 flat fee. Moving up the scale, orders from $25 to $74.99 will be charged a $1.99 flat fee. All customers will be charged a fixed fee of $2.49 for orders between $75 and $200.

For some, the new flat-fee fee may be useful, but for others, they may make transactions more expensive. Smaller trades would result in a higher price for the user. This would be advantageous to individuals that conduct higher transaction volumes.

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There will be very little changes to their pricing structure for transactions over $200. Flat fees of 1.8 percent for trades under $1,000 and 1.5 percent for transactions beyond $1,000 remain unchanged.

According to a PayPal spokeswoman, the modifications will take effect on March 21st at 9:00am Central Time. “This move is a piece of our continual strive to ensure transparency, ease of comprehension, and openness to our consumers,” they said, reiterating Venmo and PayPal approach to transparency.

PayPal began accepting crypto assets in 2021, initially enabling U.S. users to utilize the service before extending into Europe with the announcement that UK people could also use cryptocurrency on the app. Venmo quickly followed suit, adding a crypto capability to its platform in April 2021.

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Measures and innovation put in place for better functionality

PayPal announced this week that it added new members in it’s cross-disciplinary advisory board on Crypto, Digital currencies, and Blockchain.

This new additions will help to propel the entirety of all crypto based decisions that will be made going forward. 

Venmo introduced its gift-wrapping service in Jan, allowing customers a new way to transfer funds to friends and family. Users can pick from eight different animated gift-wrap styles to add to a payment message.

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