April 18, 2024

An all-purpose and multi-chain smart contract programme that bridges applications and developer systems between divergent blockchains and Ethereum, ParaState, is set to be listed on MEXC Global in February. MEXC Global is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to digital asset exchanges.

A New Kind of ETH?

As it is popularly called Ethereum on steroids, ParaState’s smart contract programme seeks to expand the boundaries of Ethereum through connections with the applications and developer’s system, the Ethereum network, and other high-profile blockchains such as Polkadot, that may want to provide compatibility with Ethereum.

While it supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine pallet to make provision for seamless compatibility with every Ethereum application that there are, ParaState equally makes WebAssembly (Ewasm), a next-generation smart contract application environment, available to developers.

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The two facilities are made sure to communicate with each other effectively and to share the same system of account on ParaState.

While utilizing the Ewasm pallet, ParaState’s virtual machine, which is on the blockchain, decentralized application developers can write smart contracts for Polkadot’s multi-chain while using native Ethereum languages and over 20 other programming languages.

ParaState believes firmly in the execution of its Ewasm technology to be integrated across other network projects that want to upgrade the implementation process of their smart contract. This can happen with all thanks to the ability of the technology to scale in the Polkadot system.

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More Decentralization

To make this possible, the ParaState digital coin, STATE, which is due to get listed on MEXC Global, will be the fuel for its digital economy. This will be achieved while applying a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model to allow every actor on the blockchain to earn a lot more tokens for their positive contributions to the system’s development and expansion.

MEXC Global and ParaState have been working closely as strong partners since the beginning of ParaState’s programme. Not only will listing STATE tokens on MEXC Global simply increase the liquidity of the token and expand ParaState’s community further, but it will also make it possible for developers and users to have an experience of high-performance solutions on the blockchain for smart contracts that are compatible with Ethereum.

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Ethereum is the second most traded cryptocurrency in the world of almost 10,000 others. Its acceptance and utility by developers of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens, as well as other platforms, make way for it to be widely sought after. Hence the need for its compatibility with other platforms and tokens.

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