February 25, 2024

United Kingdom’s defense ministry confirmed a move by the Army to investigate the case as data security is a highly crucial issue.

Fraudsters simultaneously compromised British Army’s YouTube and Twitter accounts on Sunday, using them to promote two different cryptocurrency scams. Nevertheless, media reports stated that the team had restored the affected accounts by Sunday evening.

Cyber Attack

The unknown attackers changed account information, making them match the promoted cryptocurrency scams. Meanwhile, the UK defense ministry admitted to the British Army’s YouTube and Twitter account breaches.

It tweeted that the Army perceived data security as vital and was resolving the problem. The ministry confirmed it remained inappropriate to issue further comments until the investigation ended.

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Accounts Restored

The team partially restored the attacked accounts nearly two hours following the incident. Reports claimed that most retweets posted amidst the compromised account status remained on the repaired page.

Meanwhile, the Army apologized for any inconvenience to followers via a tweet post from the resurrected account. It highlighted further investigation and using the incident to learn about its vulnerabilities.

Bitcoin, NTF Scams

Meanwhile, the attacked Twitter account with about 362,000 followers revealed a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection, The Possessed. Archives from the hacked account showed attackers outlined two different NFT sets, Moonbirds, and Anomaly.

The fraudsters linked the announcement to a forged minting/mining website that seems up-to-date and genuine. For instance, it indicated a decreasing amount of available NFTs.

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BBC reports suggest that the hackers changed the name of the Twitter account at one moment, naming it Bapesclan, with a profile photo featuring an ape cartoon and clown-like make-up.

The attackers used the ARK Investment information to replace YouTube’s account details. They used the channel to post Jack Dorsey & Elon Musk interviews, plus a scam ETH and BTC message on the boundaries.

Shot in Theft and Hacking

While theft and hacking have surged within the crypto world in recent months, attacking social media platform of high-profile organizations and individuals appear frequent.

For instance, hackers compromised the Twitter account of Indian PM Narendra Modi and showcased Bitcoin scam messages. Also, Beeple is among the high-profile people who dealt with the Twitter account breach.

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