September 26, 2023

The crypto market has seen a phenomenal upward trend. Bitcoin hit a record high in 2021 when it explored the $69K value area. That attracted individuals globally to invest in digital coins. Meanwhile, the crypto space sees multiple limitations, acting as holdups after the heightened optimism.

Most wallet products face challenges offering seamless ways of purchasing digital assets such as BTC and Ether. Moreover, the puzzling user flow appears to discourage investors, reducing investments in the industry.

Also, most leading players prohibit developers from hiding auction algorithms or incorporating NFTs. Moreover, launching NFTs on Ethereum, where transaction charges amount to $50, has hindered market growth.

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These developments build an environment impossible for massive sales for NFTs worth $5 – $10, revealing an enormous sales opportunity. LunaRedClassic wants to solve this problem within the cryptocurrency space. It’s a network helping individuals invest and manage their NFTs seamlessly.

Meanwhile, there’s a progressing IDO presale on the LunaRedClassic network, ensuring several opportunities for holders at a practicable rate – 1 LRC equals 0.025 USD. Let us find out about this platform and its benefits to crypto investors.

About LunaRedClassic

LunaRedClassic is an inclusive mobile application allowing people to download cryptocurrency wallets, connect wallets, buy crypto, sell/buy NFTs, and more with a few clicks. LunaRedClassic NFT is a ‘smart’ contract app with an Android, web, and iOS interface.

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It presents a straightforward step-by-step guide on purchasing, selling, and auctioning smart contract NFTs. The primary ‘smart’ contracts are BSC-based and boast an ETH bridge for NFT tokens. For now, there’s no open market for sellers/creators offering existing solutions for Binance Smart Chain.

That sees individuals meeting challenges to sell their NFTs with transparency. LunaRedClassic’s marketplace allows users to (simply) list, purchase or sell their non-fungible tokens without ETH’s high fees with the same value in the Ethereum network.

$LRC and Its Utility

LRC is the native coin within the platform for investors and creators that will utilize the application & invest in LunaRedClassic. Moreover, investors that use the app longer will receive some LRC, which they can use later for:

  • Voting on governance
  • Sell to 3rd parties
  • Adding worth to investment rewards
  • Reduce commissions.
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