March 24, 2023

The intriguing emerging dog meme token featuring a utility, KODA, recently established offices in Dubai because they are preparing to upset the cryptocurrency industry this year. SummitBC Ltd, which markets KODA, already has headquarters in London, with a highly accomplished CEO at the forefront and a fair team including about thirty employees. SummitBC would now run out of the stunning Almas Tower in Jumeriah Lakes, Dubai, demonstrating the company’s extraordinary development since its inception in May last year.

SummitBC and Koda Crypto’s Growth

James Gale, a seasoned businessman, programmer, and venture capitalist, runs SummitBC. SummitBC is in a strong rank for making a substantial influence in the cryptocurrency sector, thanks to Gale’s extensive expertise in company administration, marketing, and systems innovation.

KODA, a BSC, debuted in May last year and already has about c10K users. Their fundamental beliefs focus on the TEE philosophy. They just earned the ‘Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Company’ award at the Cryptocurrency Expo Dubai 2021, joined by over 8K crypto exhibitors fans as investors.

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Their goal is to make cryptocurrency attainable to anyone by creating a community of people willing to help each other. The KODA society is invited to contribute to the tokens as well as accompanying projects’ long-term success. Via automated liquidity, a novel staking methodology, and reflected static incentives, making transactions with KODA would build value in the ecosystem. Hashex, among the essential crypto-auditors worldwide, just completed a satisfactory audit of KODA.

SummitSwap’s Debut and Solution

The SummitBC asset’s KODA is not just simply another meme token. The original cryptocurrency on SummitSwap, a novel groundbreaking cross-chain exchange platform, is KODA, the principal global standard token. The others could be listed on the exchange, but they must pass SummitCheck, a unique whitelisting mechanism.

SummitCheck, SummitSwap’s trust score feature, would provide users with information about every token filed to whitelist that isn’t readily available elsewhere. SummitCheck would also advise other tokens on how to raise their results to get whitelisted.

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SummitBC believes that there’s a significant business opportunity for a specialist decentralized swap service. SummitSwap would be simpler, more concise, safer, and understandable to promote widespread usage. Nowadays, many people perceive crypto to be complex, and platforms are tough to utilize. This is something that the KODA hopes for change.


KODA-APEX (KAPEX), the secondary token for SummitBC, recently arrived and is currently accessible through the KODA website’s ITO. KAPEX and KODA are inextricably linked and mutually beneficial. While using KODA for different tasks like staking, KAPEX would become the reward token. KODA’s a deflationary token, and KAPEX is an inflationary token.

KAPEX happens to be the first of its kind. Its source code hasn’t ever been viewed. They’re expecting it to be groundbreaking, as well as the connection it possesses with KODA. KAPEX is intended to be utilized as a payment option for goods and services and rewarding KODA stakes. KAPEX’s trading charges are intended to be significantly lower than KODA’s.

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Every KODA deal delivers cash to KAPEX, making it a unique innovation. KODA owners that stake receive a direct benefit from every KAPEX activity.

SummitBC’s marketing strategies for 2022 are sure to pique the interest of prospective buyers or investors. James Gale just informed the KODA society that the KODA project had been awarded a massive $300,000 budget for marketing. The budget comprises extensive advertising on the London Underground network, over 100 KODA-branded vans traveling throughout the United Kingdom, and the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification matches in football stadiums around South America.

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