February 25, 2024

Dolce & Gabbana (or “D&G”), an Italian luxury clothing business, is increasing its NFT portfolio by collaborating with a Polygon-based digital asset market, UNXD.

The Italian brand has confirmed an extension of its NFT fashion line after successfully introducing the iconic “Collezione Genesis” series last September, as stated by U.Today.

The NFT community, dubbed as a subsection of the DGFamily, was initially announced by the Italian fashion house on the 4th of October, 2021.

UNXD is a special NFT market for the digital version of luxury wear. UNXD will be part of the expansion dream of the Italian Company due to their strong platform built on Polygon’s server. So, the fashion brand is leveraging the Polygon-based platform.

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On the 25th of February, both companies discussed the DGFamily and its forthcoming sale on Twitter.

The unveiling of nine non-fungible tokens, including the enormously popular “Doge Crown,” was part of Dolce & Gabbana’s first collection. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are the creators of digital assets. The NFT has 142 diamonds and seven blue sapphires. Five of the original designs were physical, while UNXD hosts the virtual version of the digital world.

The portfolio brought in over $5.5 million for the legendary clothing brand, which was sold to a combination of individual buyers and designer groups.

The seven-figure transaction was “not shocking,” according to Nick Jushchyshyn, Drexel University’s program coordinator for immersive media and virtual worlds. The influence of well-known designers adopting the digital environment and producing something unique was also highlighted by Jushchyshyn, who dubbed the catalog as “one of a kind.”

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The NFT ecosystem is advancing, and various brands who want to be part of the process are entering into a partnership with other platforms that will allow them to launch their digital assets.

UNXD Polygon-based Platform

UNXD is a high-end NFT market specializing in digital culture and luxury. UNXD was founded by Nervosa, the Middle East-based media firm behind global brands such as WIRED and Vogue, and is hosted by the Polygon network.

Polygon Network

The Polygon network is known for its fast and secure transactions. Therefore, it is a good platform for Ether developers. Polygon is one of the world’s first simple-to-use Ether scaling platform. Polygon SDK is its fundamental component. Also, it has a modular, customizable platform for the creation and linking of Secured Chains such as Validium, zkRollups, Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, and others, as well as Standalone Chains like the Polygon POS. Standalone Chains are built for independence and flexibility. The scaling solution of the platform has been widely adopted, with over 450 Decentralized applications, 350 million in transactions, and about 13.5 million unique users.

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