September 24, 2023

According to recent reports, one of the biggest banks in Israel, Bank Leumi, will now permit cryptocurrency trading. The organization will allow consumers to trade and keep BTC and ETH through collaborating with Paxos. There is the possibility of adding other digital currencies in the long run.

Bank Leumi will enable cryptocurrency trading, causing it to be the first bank in the country to do so. Pepper Invest, the bank’s online platform, announced the deal with Paxos on the 24th of March. 

BTC And ETH Are Included In The Deal

Clients will be allowed to exchange and retain cryptos, initially limited to BTC and ETH at the moment. Purchases will have a minimum value of about $15.

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The proposal has not yet received regulatory permission and hence may yet fail. Pepper Invest stated that it would impose taxes on transactions in accordance with the Israeli Tax Authority’s guidelines, removing the need for clients to handle tax complications.

Binance has ceased activities in the nation in response to an order from the nation’s monetary authority. Other facts are not available, but more should become accessible in the following weeks. Regulatory permission will be critical, and the country’s authorities are rather rigorous regarding the cryptocurrency business.

The nation is concerned with preventing cryptocurrency from being used for unlawful reasons. Israel’s Defense Minister has confiscated 12 cryptocurrency accounts associated with terrorist organizations. Therefore, banks and other businesses intending to provide cryptocurrency services will need to comply with regulations. These regulations will ensure that the rights and interests of investors are protected, and fraudulent activities are kept in check.

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Banks Are Willing To Innovate And Provide Cryptocurrency Services

Bank Leumi’s move to permit cryptocurrency trading is similar to the steps of other banks throughout the world. In November, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia stated that it would let its clients trade cryptocurrency on its network.

Banks are gradually warming to the concept of integrating crypto-related services onto their platforms. They have resisted for a long period, with some even criticizing the industry and labeling it a gimmick. Now, both small and large banks are embracing cryptocurrency.

Several banks want to be part of the digital world and offer crypto services to clients. The established institutions wish to partake of the benefits of decentralized technologies. Additionally, they have been forced to adapt and stay up with other platforms such as Robinhood and Coinbase. Even the New York Stock Exchange submitted an application that would allow it to offer cryptocurrencies services on the metaverse. This is in addition to selling stocks and bonds.

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