February 25, 2024

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has confirmed that the company is set to begin the testing phase for NFT support for Instagram, with Facebook rollout expected to follow suit in the future.

Once the proposed NFT support for Instagram proves successful, some U.S based content creators and collectors will be allowed to share their NFT collections on Instagram in the coming days.

NFT Support Set for Testing on Instagram

The CEO of Meta shared a video on Monday showing the plan to move NFT to Instagram as the company attempts to begin testing support for digital art collections across its platforms.

In an interview with an NFT and Web3 fan, Tom Bilyeu, Zuckerberg disclosed that plans are underway to test NFTs on Instagram with some select United States-based content creators. The testing enables both content creators and collectors to display their digital art on Instagram, with a similar plan for Facebook coming up in the future.

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Though the CEO did not shed more light on what the features of the NFT would look like, he added by saying that NFTs are an artistic expression of oneself in a digital format. Zuckerberg noted that Meta is also exploring the option of incorporating augmented reality into the Instagram stories section via the dedicated augmented reality protocol, Spark AR.

Is Support for Crypto on the Card?

In what is considered an interesting twist to the ongoing scaling of Meta’s platforms, rumors had it that the company was prepping to integrate support for Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and a host of others into some of its platforms.

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However, Zuckerberg did not specify the network on which the proposed rollout would be hosted. Another angle to this is that Meta can also develop its unique blockchain network to support NFTs, but this would require building a massive infrastructure and a large user base when the vast majority of the NFT players are used to performing transactions on the Ethereum and Solana-backed marketplaces.

Meta’s CEO is reported to have teased the community about the company’s plan to support NFTs on some of its platforms in March without giving many hints on how Meta intends to go about achieving it.

Many top companies in the technology and social media spheres are moving in droves to support crypto-driven innovations. The future has been envisioned to be digital, and leading firms are leveraging their customer base to dive into the Metaverse.

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NFT enthusiasts have repeatedly echoed their belief that Meta would one day venture into the NFT space in the future. It appears the time is now.

Meanwhile, the rumors about Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in the virtual space intensified when Facebook was renamed Meta in an apparent move to shift the company’s focus to the Metaverse in October last year.

The action by Zuckerberg all but confirmed that his priority is now in the Metaverse, and it is only a matter of time before the crypto industry will have its own story to tell about Meta.

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