March 24, 2023

Flipkart, an online retail platform based in India, pursues additional digital contact with consumers. It has declared to start a metaverse offering entitled Flipverse to let them access immersive, interactive, and gamified experiences via the app of the company.

Flipkart to Let Clients Purchase Products in the World of the Metaverse

Supported on the behalf of Walmart (a retailer based in the United States), Flipkart mentioned that a broad array of brands, taking into account Himalaya, Ajmal Perfumes, VIP, Campus, Tokyo Talkies, Lavie, Nivea, Noise, and Puma are supporting the business in establishing experience theaters through using Flipverse, as reported by

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The executives of the firm stated that their target is to allure millions of customers to experience Flipverse.

In addition to that, they also intend to provide a way toward new methods of shopping. The Web3-based endeavors of Flipkart are presently going through a pilot stage, however, the representatives of the platform mentioned that they would expectedly become the retailer’s significant part shortly.

15 years back the position of the Indian venue was that of the initial firm to introduce Web3-based commerce, as disclosed by an executive from Flipkart.

As included in the metaverse project, the customers of the platform will be permitted to collect Supercoins, loyalty points of Flipkart, as well as diverse digital collectibles offered by the collaborating brands.

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Several online games will also be hosted by Flipverse. Polygon considers that the partnership with Flipkart offers a chance to establish plans as well as obtain privileged entree to the consumer base of the firm in the market of India.

In the words of Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon expressed in his statement. He said that though they have just started expanding metaverse’s boundaries, they think that e-commerce counts as a significant use case.

According to the co-founder, the mutual collaboration between diverse prominent brands as well as the e-commerce skills of Flipkart in a virtual atmosphere would revolutionize the sphere of the online retail market.

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Metaverse-Related Spending of Top Brands to Reportedly Reach $5T by 2030

As of August’s latter part, there were above 350M registered consumers at Flipkart, as per the data published on the behalf of Business Standard.

As well-known companies are increasingly spending funds on the world of the metaverse, McKinsey (a worldwide consultancy platform) anticipates that by 2030 the yearly global expenditure on the virtual space could touch the figure of nearly $5T.

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