April 18, 2024

Mark Zuckerberg declared metaverse inception eight months ago, aiming to converge the digital and physical line by augmented and virtual reality. The technology sees rapid expansion, attracting new platforms into the brand new marketplace.

The metaverse allows users to live in virtual reality, where they can purchase condos, use avatars to socialize with others, attend business conferences, and earn extra income. Here are some of the options to make money with Web3 technology.

Digital Real Estate

One of the lucrative ways individuals can earn from the metaverse is purchasing NFT lands for fixed costs and developing them to sell or lease for profits.

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Moreover, users can rent their lands to developers to build avenues such as gaming arenas, buildings, offices, and concert halls. Though digital real estate might have higher prices, leasing space can ensure returns similar to real-world real-estate deals.

Trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs maintain a close relationship with the metaverse as they utilize blockchain technology. Moreover, the metaverse introduced a new utility for non-fungible tokens.

That means multiple opportunities for investors to earn from trading NFTs. Moreover, NFT gaming enjoys surging popularity, with initiatives such as Binance NFTs IGO (Initial Game Offering) surpassing $16M in trading volume in two weeks.

Join P2E Games

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e-sports betting, VR pokers, and various blockchain games have emerged for online players to make cash with the metaverse. Admix is among the successful play-to-earn networks. The platform has raised $25 million to enhance in-game monetization within metaverse,

Planet Maya is another metaverse casino welcoming gamers, run by the world’s first open-source digital reality casino, ChampionGames. The platform wants to take advantage of its economy plus community of odds-makers, game developers, and players to transform online games by introducing worldwide P2E experiences, converging technology, entertainment, and sports.

Earning real cash from metaverse products might appear a far-fetched concept, but some users are repeating the benefits. Opportunities to join might become fewer as this space becomes saturated.

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It might be that time to join the bandwagon. Market experts believe virtual reality gaming can see revenues amounting to $400B by 2025, whereas metaverse might generate around $1 trillion in valuation.

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