September 26, 2023

The use of NFTs is growing rapidly, and their adoption has recently become rampant across the globe. After many years of leaks and rumors, Rockstar games has released evidence indicating the long-awaited addition to the game series, GTA 6. This version has been one of gaming history’s most awaited game series additions.

GTA V, a predecessor to GTA 6, is arguably one of the most successful games released in gaming history. Since its release almost ten years ago, it has sold over 175 million units worldwide. Yet, despite how great it was, players yearn for new missions and experiences, all of which GTA 6 promises to deliver.

Players worldwide remain on edge as they await the big release by Rockstar games and continue partaking in the unending leaks and rumors. However, one of these rumors has taken the gaming world by storm, even causing a division among players and fans- Is Rockstar Games thinking about joining the world of metaverse hype?

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The rumor, which comes as a shock as Rockstar Games had previously banned crypto and NFT use last year, is yet to be confirmed, although no tangible information has been released.

More Rumors and Hearsay

On 12th February 2023, a content creator and author alleged that Rockstar Games sought to introduce NFT use in GTA 6 to allow the game studio to join the metaverse hype. The author also claimed that the game studio sought to adopt web3 in the upcoming game.

The introduction of NFT use in GTA 6 seems more of a rumor than reality since the game studio Rockstar Games had banned the use of crypto in their previous release GTA 5.

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However, some fans and gamers have tried to dismiss the rumor by claiming that crypto may be fake in-game NFT trading, much like the stock market trading in the previous release GTA 5.

Nonetheless, players may still hold on to their hopes as Rockstar Games policy does not mention the banning of officially licensed NFTs and crypto. In addition, Rockstar Games only banned user-generated NFTs in the online GTA 5 servers.

Revolutionizing the Metaverse

The GTA franchise has helped Rockstar Games achieve more than any other company in the metaverse, especially with the records GTA 5 keeps breaking; thus, there is an increased expectation from fans and gamers for GTA 6 to be even better than GTA 5.

Rockstar Games executives have previously shown an interest in taking up NFTs and web3. This action may have been where all the alleged information arose from despite no official statement regarding any of the information. Adopting crypto and NFTs could elevate the application of web3.

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Fans and gamers may keep their hopes up that the rumors may be true, given the recent traction towards using NFTs and Crypto worldwide.

Adding web3 to the game will be a big step and improvement for both web3 and web2. Adopting web3 will be tremendous for the game, and it will also attract a lot of reformers and trailblazers in the game metaverse, thus giving them a boost against competitors.

Nonetheless, rumors will remain until the game studio releases an official statement regarding the adoption of web3 and the use of officially licensed NFTs and crypto in the new game GTA 6.

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