April 18, 2024

The head of Xbox (a gaming firm operating under Microsoft), Phil Spencer, is hopeful regarding the Metaverse nonetheless he is not much enthusiastic regarding the crypto games which were based on a play-to-earn mechanism because of their speculative and economic aspects.

Xbox Head Expresses Optimism for Metaverse But not Remains Shy of P2E Gaming

While talking to Emily Chang (an anchor on Bloomberg) on 25th August, the head stated that although several gamers have not even entered the present idea of a Metaverse, in his view, they have in essence been playing for decades in the worlds based in Metaverse. He mentioned that the realm of each game is a metaverse world shared by the players.

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According to him, the Metaverse is fundamentally a 3D shared space where people can smoothly interact with others along with getting involved in shared experiences as well as mutual purposes. He added that this concept is not surprising for him at all in the case of gamers as the things like having an avatar, moving into a common virtual world, as well as doing voice chats with others are already present in games.

The feelings of Spencer reverberate that of Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) who mentioned in her discussion with Bloomberg that people could expect the company to take initiatives related to Metaverse gaming. As per her, every game of the current time whether it is Flight Sim, Minecraft, or Halo, is categorically a Metaverse, and though they are 2D somehow at present.

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Microsoft CEO Says Their Games Are Metaverse Worlds

The CEO disclosed that the question is if the players can be offered the ability to play such games in a completely 3D realm, and the platform certainly has a strategy in that respect. Nonetheless, Spencer did not talk about the combative problems related to the Metaverse, like the idea of possessing property in the virtual Metaverse via NFTs. Mark Cuban (a billionaire investor and a crypto enthusiast) recently criticized the investment in virtual property.

In his words, this concept is worthless and does not have any utility due to its rarity. The head of Xbox rather moved forward to add that Metaverse world’s commercial utility has kept on stimulating the interest of the CEO Nadella as well as the whole platform of Microsoft.

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