April 18, 2024

Elite Token is a Polygon-based crypto project. It utilized $ELITE to run a unique marketplace connecting the mobile industry, NFT markets, NFTs, influencers, P2E, gaming, and the metaverse. The project promises valuable opportunities to every market player.

Elite declared an NFT drop plus Runiverse’s beta version today. Runiverse is a metaverse gaming network where gamers challenge each other based on crypto market performance. Moreover, the gaming site works on renowned metaverses, including Decentraland, Star Atlas, and Sandbox.

The Runiverse is a gamified and P2E investment. Meanwhile, gamers complete short trades, betting cryptos against each other according to their market performance in 30 seconds. The platform uses NFT skins known as Runners to represent various assets racing against each other. Users can bet on someone’s Runners and receive prizes after wins.

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Meanwhile, Runner NFT holders receive rewards on all won races by the crypto asset the NFT symbolizes. The game uses real-time data from Binance and Quickswap.

Elite Token co-founder and celebrities such as Gianluca Vacchi represent the NFT avatars racing as cryptos. Meanwhile, Elite’s play-to-earn App replaces horse racing with crypto betting, whereas celebrities stand to supplant the horses.

DJ and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi confirmed his fascination when Runiverse founders asked him to reproduce his TikTok and Instagram dances for the project. The notion of connecting collectibles with current metaverse trends attracted Vacchi.

Elite Token Ecosystem

Elite Token targets a broad cryptocurrency ecosystem. It unites influencers, the mobile industry, NFTs, international celebrities, Play2Earn, and the metaverse. Meanwhile, individuals can use $ELITE as entry tickets into the ecosystem.

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Moreover, the project remains unique as it plans to link telco services to crypto. Runiverse is the initial product within the ecosystem, set to join the market in the upcoming months. You can visit www.elite-token.com for more info about the Elite Token.

About Runiverse

Runiverse is an attractive cross-metaverse gaming site allowing users to challenge each other according to crypto market performances. Competitors take place on non-fungible token tracks with NFT runners known as ‘Skins.’ Runiverse NFT owners will receive rewards whenever players select their Runner or use the NFT as a Track. You can access the Runiverse NFTs on OpenSea.

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