February 25, 2024

President Nayib Bukele revealed that 410 Bitcoins were purchased for $15M, putting the market price for each Bitcoin at around $36,585.

El Salvador Purchasing It’s Cheapest BTC

El Salvador, a Central American country, recently incorporated 410 BTC to its central bank as Bitcoin values fell under $37K, the lowest point since 26th July 26, 2021. President Nayib Bukele made a revelation concerning the latest additions to El Salvador’s Bitcoin reserve, with the confirmation that 410 Bitcoins were bought for $15M, raising the price for each Bitcoin at approximately $36,585.

El Salvador gave the approval of Bitcoin as the official currency on 7th September 2021 to combat the disastrous rise in price and the country’s unstable buying rate. Currently, El Salvador deliberately collected 1,801 Bitcoin over the past 4 months, particularly anytime the market experienced a quick value decline.

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El Salvador’s most recent procurement is the most affordable it’s ever been because the country gave recognition to BTC as an official currency. With Bitcoin trades just over $36K and the pending sell-off, Bukele feels some people are selling at an affordable rate, bolstering the long-term objectives of global BTC acceptance.

Bitcoin has drawn the interest of retail investors, even though it hasn’t found popularity as a trade vehicle. The demand for BTC changes depending on economic and geopolitical factors. China’s residents, for instance, might well have utilized bitcoin to avoid capital regulations in 2020, according to reports. BTC has also grown in popularity in nations like Venezuela with significant inflation and devalued currencies. It’s also famous among criminals utilizing it to move large amounts of cash for illegal purposes. Lastly, more media coverage has raised investor interest in cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Price Movement

Bitcoin prices have been rising at a steady pace right from mid-July, according to recent statistics from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView, reaching an ATH of about $69,000 within the starting periods of November. Nevertheless, the market prices rose over the next 3 months as investors moved their Bitcoin profits to other tokens. 

According to a new forecast from Crypto.com, the worldwide cryptocurrency industry would have 1B customers by the end of 2022, while more emerging countries follow El Salvador’s lead and accept BTC.

According to Cointelegraph, Crypto.com believes that we’re on the way to reaching 1B cryptocurrency users by the end of 2022 if we project an identical rate of growth in 2022. The paper indicates that nations could no longer overlook the increasing drive for cryptocurrency by the public due to a mix of poorer countries following El Salvador’s lead and adopting a nicer approach toward the crypto business.

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