February 25, 2024

At a press conference conducted on 11th November, TransCrypts (a document security firm based on blockchain) declared DWB (Doctors Without Borders) as a partner, with the collaboration having commenced on 14th October. Operating together, the organizations have in advance uploaded the immunization records to the blockchain, which count up to 6500, having the objective of reaching more than 76000 up till 2022. The majority of the records deal with the vaccines of COVID 19. However, the firm mentioned that the ultimate target is to have storage of all the medical records of the patients through the technology of blockchain, to be in reach of patients with just one phone call.

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This emerging startup, being based in California, was established in the previous year on behalf of Zain Zaidi (when he was a student of electrical engineering at San Jose State University). The firm has progressed significantly, and the current consumers thereof include Oracle, Spirit Airlines, Zoom, ADP, and Paychex. TransCrypts started being an instrument to confront the resume fraud done with the professionals of human resources, and then it developed into a firm to provide services regarding income verification to be utilized by landlords. At this time, the company mentioned, it perceives itself to be a provider of complete documentation services.

The collaboration with DWB is TransCrypts’ earliest venture related to medical records. Formerly, it had been found by TransCrypts that HIPAA, as well as other laws regarding compliance, fundamentally restricted the utilization of blockchain technology for storing medical records throughout the United States. While talking about the availability of the medical records of patients across developing countries, Zaidi described that significant assistance could be provided by blockchain to stop numerous unnecessary deaths. He added that more than 700,000 people regularly die in India on an annual basis due to having no access to the medical records of the patients.

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The physicians could have been able to prevent a substantial proportion of such deaths if the detailed medical records of the patients had had in their access. TransCrypts and Doctors Without Borders, through this partnership, hope to construct a future having no unnecessary deaths. This does not count to be the first instance of the storage of the records of COVID vaccination on a blockchain. In January, a project was reportedly launched in Cyprus by a big hospital to carry out similar operations.

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