September 26, 2023

An NFT artist has reported that Manchester United’s new NFT collection resembles his earlier work. Lucréce’s collection is a gem that costs upwards of 20Eth ($23,823) for each NFT. However, the Red Devils ruined his party when they released a similar collection and sold it at around $40, selling out in hours and dipping Lucréce’s NFTs.

The artist, Lucréce, said he has been in talks with the CTO of Tezos, Arthur Breitman, to resolve the issue. According to multiple sources, many NFT artists thought Lucréce was part of the project because of the uncanny similarities between the two collections.

Lucréce reached out to Manchester United to communicate and reach an amicable solution that benefits the parties. However, Lucréce was extra careful not to make direct accusations towards Manchester United and instead tweeted two samples, one from his collections and the other from Manchester United.

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Did Manchester United Plagiarize the Collection?

Users online posted samples on Twitter to compare the collections, and one such user, ClowVamp, showed Lucréce’s oldest NFT and one of Manchester’s NFTs. He immediately criticized Manchester United’s collection calling it garbage and asking for answers from the English club.

A for-profit subsidiary of the Tezos foundation created Manchester United’s Devils collection. According to the collection’s terms and conditions, the club had the right to mint the Non-Fungible Tokens and exclusive access to perks such as private competitions and airdrops. This partnership between Manchester United and Tezos may be part of a wider collaboration between the two organizations.

Manchester Reaches Out

Later on, Wednesday, Manchester united finally reached out to Lucréce and iterated that they had not been in contact because of the festive period. Lucréce relayed Manchester United’s response to the masses and said that this would probably be the last update.

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He also thanked the Tezos community for its support in approaching the matter and said, “In times of adversity, you’ll know who your friends are. Thank you, Tezos community.”

Fans of the collection worldwide were happy with Lucréce and how he handled the situation with politeness and a light heart. Manchester’s swift response also moved the fans, who applauded their handling of the complex situation.

Plagiarism in the NFT Art World

In traditional art forms, such as painting or sculpture, copyright law protects an artist’s original creations. This statement means that if someone else reproduces or sells a copy of an artist’s work without their permission, the artist may forward a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

However, the legal landscape for NFT art is murkier, as the concept of ownership and copyright for digital art is still being explored and defined. While traditional copyright law may protect some NFT artworks, others may not be “original” enough to qualify for copyright protection.

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Additionally, the deployment of blockchain technology in the NFT art market may raise additional legal questions, such as whether the artist or the person who minted the NFT owns the copyright to the artwork.

Suppose an artist believes that someone has used their artwork without permission. In that case, they may forward a lawsuit for copyright infringement or seek other legal remedies, such as an injunction, to stop the sale of the copied work. However, the outcome of such a lawsuit would depend on whether the work is copyright secure and whether the artist can prove that they were the original creator.

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