September 26, 2023

As the crypto industry grows significantly and new projects emerge from the various innovative drives, it is becoming difficult for users to safeguard their funds against theft or accidental transfer.

Binance exchange platform has made users the core of its security measures as the exchange continues to prioritize user protection through its sophisticated security system alongside data privacy. The various measures include a 360-degree system to checkmate risk, daily monitoring, and advanced data protection tools.

According to the management team at Binance, compliance from the cryptocurrency industry has become critical in light of the significant adoption of digital currency across the world.  As a result, the exchange is partnering with regulators and third-party service providers worldwide to develop regulatory guidelines, frameworks, and standards that make user data protection a priority.

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Fund Recovery and Fraud Prevention

All crypto users have one thing in common: losing funds through a scam or transferring funds to the wrong recipient. Binance has continually made efforts to help users recover some of their lost assets, with more than $344,000 recovered from a wine swap fraud.

Binance’s most active and robust community, Binance Angels, is reported to have played a leading role in fund recovery for the exchange. As a community volunteer group, Binance Angel helped a user recover $98,000 worth of funds in digital assets, which were accidentally sent to the wrong wallet address.

Additionally, the exchange has an active security team focused on fund recovery for its users. As a show of its effectiveness in fund rescue, the team has recovered a whopping 99.9% of funds, estimated to be $345,000, stolen as part of the widely known user exit scam.

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The industry is rapidly expanding, and users increasingly find it difficult to ascertain the right project to align with. Products that offer high yield returns are equally risky for investors.

In order to forestall any unforeseen event that may lead to loss of funds, the exchange encourages users to observe due diligence so as not to fall victim to scams. As a result, Binance has provided investors with an accurate database to find the investment that suits their needs.

Binance Involved in the Ronin Bridge

Sky Mavis, the creator of the famous Axie Infinity, was part of the team involved in the recent $150 million funding phase for Sky Mavis, as was Binance. The Binance exchange also helped restore funds on the Ronin protocol, alongside the Animoca Brands, Accel and others.

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According to an available report, the raised funds will be used to reimburse users who lost their funds in the Ronin hack, which shocked the industry as the greatest heist in history.

Once the security upgrade on the Ronin Bridge is completed, individuals will be allowed to withdraw their funds from the platform.

Binance continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring the security of funds and the ability of the industry to recover from any setback and take action toward curtailing scams.

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